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My love, passion and inspiration for flowers and eventually weddings began when I was 12 years old. My summer’s were spent in Port St. Joe working with my cousin/big sister in her florist. Her passion and love for what she did inspired me, I watched for hours observing each carefully placed posey, and one day I picked up some flowers and designed my first arrangement. Was it good? Well it was an “artful” expression. No it was not good. I just kept trying and developed my own style. Looking back it was then that I realized my life’s calling. 


Fast­forward to the Summer of 2005,  after years of working a job that was not my life’s calling I decided to open my own florist in Port St. Joe, back where all of the love began. It was in that shop that I realized my love for not only flowers but for weddings. I was inspired to learn more about weddings and the more I learned the more I realized that by marrying my two loves, flowers and weddings would be a remarkable idea. 


There are no two brides alike, no two weddings alike and each wedding has it’s own budget. Every bride has her dream of what her wedding will look like. It is my job and a job that brings me so much joy to see that dream and see if from conception to reality. The “dream” inspires me. 


I would love an opportunity to sit down have a coffee and get to know you, before we talk about anything wedding. I often tell my clients, “all vendors are important, but there are two vendors that you must like. Your Wedding Planner and your Photographer. You will be working with them more than anyone else.”




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